Welcome to Brown's
In 1961 Archie and Mike Brown started an egg and feed business and named it Brown Feed Store. From humble beginnings in a one room store, they expanded to fertilizer and chemical. 50 years later Brown Feed & Chemical has become one of the largest independent retailers in the Midwest with 6 locations.

Although the egg route no longer exists, we still sell quality feed for most any animal walking, flying, or swimming. Still owned and operated by the Brown's family, Brown's is a true "full service" retailer. From fertilizer to seed to pesticides - we handle all your crop input needs. We have the ability to apply all your crop protection products, including anhydrous ammonia, dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, pesticides and all aerial application needs. After you harvest we can also help move your grain to the elevator with a fleet of 17 semis. With a staff of over 55 employees and the latest and most modern equipment, our service is matched by none.

From 100 acres to 15,000, we gladly assist producers of all sizes. The Brown family thanks you for all your support and look forward to serving you for another 50 years!